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Products SPS-50H

The SPS50H solar powered pump can operate in any remote location, pumping water at high pressure without needing access to electricity.

  • Solar powered water pump.
  • Pumps water from any remote location without needing access to electricity.
  • Pumps water from any river/stream/drain or well.
  • No running costs - 100% solar powered.
  • Supply up to 3500 litres/day.
  • Pumps water up to 50m (160ft) vertically and 1.5km horizontally.
  • Automatic Operation - Pressure regulated up to 80 psi.
  • Can also power 12v electric fence.


Pump Voltage

12V DC

Pump Type



3500 Litres/Day

Pre-set Cut-In Pressure

50 psi

Pre-set Cut-Out Pressure

70 psi

Max Cut-Out Pressure

80 psi

Max Vertical Pumping Height

50m (160ft)

Max Vertical Suction Lift

5m (16ft)

12V Electric Fence Supply


Suction Pipe Length

5-30m (16-100ft)

Net Weight (kgs)


Dimensions (cm)(LxWxH)


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