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Water flow is just as good even 700m away from the pump. We’ve installed six water troughs and sub-divided the farm. It’s also powering the battery fencer which saves moving a portable fencer around and regularly recharging the battery. We’ve much more flexibility with the out-farm now.

Stephen Connaughton, Co. Galway

Every farmer should have an SPS solar water pump. It provides an independent and reliable water source. I’ve already noticed improved animal performance and it has allowed me to stock heavier.

Joseph O’Reilly, Co. Westmeath

Judging by the water flow alone, you’d think it was a mains water supply”. 55 weanlings supplied from a pond from September to 15th December and again from 15th January to Mid April before closing for silage. Solar panel always kept the battery fully charged even though, due to overshadowing trees, it only had access to sunlight from 12 noon onwards each day. The pump just worked away itself and has revolutionised the potential for this block of land.

Conor O’Leary, Co. Cork

I’ve an out-farm where 40-50 cattle were drinking from the river. The SPS solar water pump allowed me to fence off the river and use a paddock grazing system with numerous water troughs. This allowed be to benefit from the GLAS scheme as well as improve grass management on the out-farm. I’m very happy with this system and would highly recommend to anyone.

Brian Hogan, Co. Galway

It’s an independent water source and it’s free energy. It has allowed me to boost my water supply in a far-away section of the farm and introduce five extra drinking points. This means less walking for the cows and more time grazing, so it has already proven its value.

Michael Burke, Co. Galway

I was letting cattle back over a few fields to get to water. Cattle were mucking up the land and then letting them into a drain was very dangerous. I knew when we saw this product, we were sorted.

Aidan Power, Co. Tipperary

I purchased SPS solar water pump in June 2016. I’m pumping water from a stream on an out-farm and I’m very happy with the solar water pump.

Michael McKeon, Co. Westmeath

With five extra water troughs supplied on a remote part of the farm, the cows now don’t have to travel long distances for water, meaning less walking and more time in the paddock eating grass. We’ll be getting another solar water pump next year.

Denis Nyhan, Co. Cork

It’s pumping the water 1.5km and supplying 140 cattle. It’s as good as a mains water supply.

Ciaran Coone, Co. Galway

We can carry more stock now on our out-farm. We couldn’t divide the farm before but now we increased from three to seven divisions on the farm by installing four water troughs and it makes grass management much easier. Cattle are thriving better.

Damien Haverty, Co. Galway

30-40 cattle were drinking from a drain in a set-stocking grazing system. The drain is fenced off now and we will install three water troughs. We plan on increasing numbers now to 50-60 cattle.

Eamon Morris, Co. Galway

I’m supplying 53 cattle with water from a stream. The stream is fenced off now and water is supplied to multiple water troughs. I now have more options with grazing and it makes management that bit easier.

Matt Brennan, Co. Kilkenny

It has taken the pressure off my existing water pump and allowed me to install extra water troughs. It has allowed strip grazing of fields and has given greater flexibility.

Jim, Co. Tipperary

Before, we had three drinking points from the river and cattle had to travel back over fields to access the water. The river is fenced off now for GLAS and water is supplied to the cattle with six water troughs. I’m very happy with it.

John O’Dwyer, Co. Kilkenny

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