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Is there a filter on the end of the suction pipe?

Yes, all our suction pipes use a stainless steel filter which will never rust and also a foot-valve which prevents back-flow of water ensuring the pump is always kept primed.

Do I need to charge the battery during use?

No. The solar panel is suitably sized for each model to keep the battery charged during use.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, all our solar water pumps come with a 12-month guarantee as standard.

How long will the battery last?

Unfortunately, batteries don't last forever. You can expect a lifetime of 5-6 years from your battery before needing replacement.

You mentioned it can power an electric fence?

Yes, simply connect your electric fencer to the battery supplied. There is a purpose made opening in the side of the steel container to allow your earth and live wire connect to the fence wire. The solar panel will keep the battery fully charged. The electric fencer can then be locked in the container where it's dry and secure.

What happens if I need a replacement part?

All our solar water pumps use quality parts which are readily available. We stock all parts, which can be sent to you the next day. Alternatively, our parts can be sourced locally from electrical/plumbing supplies stores. Most importantly, our pumps rarely require replacement parts - ask our customers!

Does the pump come ready to use?

Yes. Simply place the suction pipe supplied into your water source, connect your outlet pipe and that's it.

What prevents the battery getting damaged by overcharging during sunny weather?

All our solar water pumps use a special solar controller which will maintain the correct battery voltage, ensuring the longest lifetime possible of the battery.

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